About Us

Cutetygirl.com@ is a well-known shopping network in Malaysia. The products sold in Cutetygirl.com are come from foreign countries such as Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, imported genuine skin care products, makeup brands,  thousands of makeup tools, wigs, jewelries, clothing accessories, bags, body care products, body slimming products and a variety of creative home living products. All products you can see on the website are in stock so that customers can grab the products they like in the fastest time.


Member Benefits & Reward Points

1. Earn 1 Reward Points by purchasing RM10.00 for single item.
2. Continue earning Reward Points at rate of every RM10 = 1 Point on the single item.
3. Only registered member can earn Reward Points.
4. Members can use collected Reward Points to make redemption for specific items.