Eye Anti Wrinkle Massager ~ As Seen On TV

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Eye Anti Wrinkle Massager ~ As Seen On TV

Battery: Runs on a single AAA battery (Included)

Dimensions: 11.5 x 2.4 x 2.2cm

Function :
● Diminishes fine lines
● Activates blood flow around eye area
● Use in combination with favourite eye serum, for deeper penetration
● Stimulates the production of new collagen growth
● Tightens skin around eye area
● Eye will appear brighter and younger looking
● Improves texture, tones and tightens skin around eye area
● As little as 5 minutes a day; difference can be as quickly as within a week

Micro-vibration :
☑ Introduces nutrition into basal skin during application which increases micro-circulation and helps reduce eye fatigue

Ionic function :
☑ Introduces essence into the deep skin, helps to tighten skin around eyes, and reduces wrinkles and dark circles
☑ Also, this is effective in removing the wrinkles around the nose, eyes and mouth areas
☑ Replenishes essence into the skin to reduce puffiness, promote blood circulation, and remove dark circles and wrinkles

Recommended Usage :
✔ Apply eye essence or ampoules over eye area
✔ Use massager over eye area for 5 to 10 mins
✔ Apply eye cream or eye serum to lock the moisture