Portable Ultrasonic Ionic Sonic Beauty Machine

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Portable Ultrasonic Ionic Sonic Beauty Machine

1. Improve blood circulation
2. Remove eczema, spots
3. Stimulate skin, increase the secrete movement of Skin.
4. Deeping improve skin , make skin smooth and white.
5. Deep cleaning skin, lead harmful substances out of skin
6. Solve problem :Dark skin, Eczema, acne, melanin

1.Positive (+) Ionic lead out function, removes metal ion in cosmetic from skin, the harmful substances penetrate into skin through horniness deposit as positive ion in skin and cause spots rough and aging skin;
2.Negetive (-) Ionic lead in function, powerfully replenishes nutrients into skin which may accumulate surrounding the skin cells as ion cluster and promotes cells to constantly absorb nutrition
3. Vibration Function: Stimulate harmful substance which hide in deep skin to move out quickly.

1-2 times / day, 10-20 minutes / time.

Positive (+) Green Light:
✔ Import skin care products nutrients into skin.
✔ Use after cleansing face and skin care products.
✔ On machine to + and gently massage skin circular.

Negative (-) Red Light:
✔ Export dirty from skin pores.
✔ Use when cleansing face, before skin care products.
✔ After cleansing face, use on dry skin massage 3-5 minutes.
✔ Then clean your face again.

☞ Before and after use, please clean the machine.
☞ Machine cant touch water, so only wipe dry.