SOS Leg Panic★Slim Leg

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SOS Leg Panic★Slim Leg

Product From: Made In Japan

Content Amount: 250 mg x 90 tablets

Angelica keiskei, red peppers, Kintoki, ginger, Meri Rohto, Eucommia ulmoides tea, Ginkgo leaves, Retrofractrum, Magnessium oxide, Cellulose, Cane sugar ester, Vitamin B6.


Product Highlights:
✔ No more elephant legs
✔ Have legs as slim as model
✔ Relieve venous function is not swollen
✔ Promote active circulation
✔ Restore leg blood circulation
✔ Lymphatic circulation
✔ Have legs as slim as model

Do you want to lose inches at the lower part of the body? 
Try Leg Panic SOS, it is safe and effective to achieve the slender legs of a model.

Poor circulation or poor lymph flow will be the reasons of leg swelling.
Leg Panic SOS, a supplement combined with Kintoki ginger extract, Eucommia tea extract, angelica and also red pepper supports your legs.
Leg Panic SOS main feature is to discharge excess water and fats absorbed in your body.
Magnesium in tha supplement is good for removing fats!
It is safe to be taken every day.

- One day 3-6 tablets.
- Suggest before lunch and dinner.