SOS Sleep Panic★Sleeping Burn Fat

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SOS Sleep Panic★Sleeping Burn Fat

Product From Japan

Content Amount : 270 mg x 60 tablets

Guaranteed 100% Genuine, No Side Effects.
Japan's newest way to lose weight.
Sleep time while burning fat.
Feel lighter and lighter at night.


Tired of workout at night?
☞ Just take 1-2 tablets at night,you can achieve the above 5 weight loss points!
☞ After taking Japan SOs Sleep Panic for 25 minutes, your body begins to burn body fat.
☞ During sleeping, your body will secret a lot of hormone to help accelerate the dissolution of fat
☞ After waking up the next morning, you will be able to reduce 2.5 kg!
☞ And in a month,you can reduce 17.8 kg !!!

Ingredients :
Defatted coco, L-carnitine, lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, balsamic vinegar, vitamin.
In addition, it also contains six major elements of soothing the nerves and promote sleeping ingredients.
Lemon, chamomile Jarman, GABA, passion fruit, glycine, valerian.
It also relieve insomnia, having the nerves calming effect, promote quality of sleeping and these all can be enhanced by a large amount of weight-loss hormone excretion to achieve accelerating of the dissolution of fat.

SLEEP PANIC SOS Sleep Panic helps reduce weight while sleeping.
√ 25-30 minutes after taking the supplement your body fat will start to burn.
√ Sleeping will secrete a large amount of weight-loss hormone and thus accelerate the dissolution of fat in the body.
√ It must be taken before going to sleep after dinner.
√ Not advisable during daytime or while working as it will bring you drowsiness.

Product Highlights :
✔ Burning fat
✔ Dissolve / emulsify fat
✔ Exercise therapy
✔ Internal detoxification
✔ Dieting

Dosage :
- One day 1-2 tablets.
- Suggest use before sleep.

Do's and Don'ts :
✔ Sleeping more than 10 hours is not advisable as much as possible 8 hours of sleeping time is very ideal.
✔ It also relieve insomnia, it has nerves calming effect, promote quality of sleeping.
✔ You will notice the increase in body temperature large amounts of sweat during sleeping.
✔ And this is normal so don't be panic. 
✔ The next morning you will have large number of bowel movements.
✔ Good thing about this is there is no repetition bowel movements like other slimming products.